There’s an unrivalled choice of 50 family friendly sports, dance and fitness activities being coached simultaneously throughout each GoFest weekend. Sessions are 30 - 45 minutes duration with fantastic coaching partners including National Governing Bodies (NGBs), county sports organisations and major clubs. Some sessions are age specific and some are for all the family together and you will have plenty of time to “have a real go” at an activity and see if you may like to continue with it after the festival.


Leeds University Business School conducted some in depth analysis with previous GoFest participants and concluded that:

  • 46% of adults & 54% of children have taken up a new sport or activity as a result of the opportunity to “have a Go” at activities at GoFest
  • 41% of adults & 37% of children have increased their weekly average time exercising since participating at GoFest
  • 90% of children continued with a new activity after GoFest (24% for 8 – 12 months)
  • 58% of Adults have continued with a new activity since GoFest (20% for 8 – 12 months)

GoFest helps families find the sport or activity for everyone. You might not be a good runner but you could be a great rock climber! GoFest is a catalyst for providing opportunity and a platform for ongoing participation in sport and physical activity.